About Us


Progetto is an all-Italian research and design centre that serves the brands and manufacturers in the footwear industry on a daily basis. The aim is to devise advanced solutions for the development of any shoe design from prototype, to sample, to final product; engineering and automating the processes through the application of digital technology and the research and development of the manufacturing processes.

This approach ensures that each pair of shoes is perfect in every possible way. The distinguishing features of Progetto are its development of robotics, which can be applied even in women’s footwear production allowing variations in heel heights, and its digitalisation of industrial manufacture, something still unknown to the footwear industry.


Progetto aims to solve and transform technical problems by defining and reworking the existing processes, evolving them into new, cost- and time-sensitive production solutions while also preparing companies for the new demands of the market, in particular, customisation.
The engineering and the researched leathers and innovative materials, suitable for the particular shoe style, are the basis for the “re-evolution” of Progetto.