Digital Experience


The business know-how and research from Progetto have created the Giordano Torresi shoe; a shoe that can cater to the individual needs of every woman.

A shoe designed with the aim of adding benefits to the end-user, not through the reputation of the brand, but by the exclusivity of a customised product that is the result of a real 4.0 Industrial process.

To demonstrate this, they have selected an exclusive location: 10 Corso Como, the famous concept store at the centre of Milan’s fashion.

Customers at 10 Corso Como will be able design their own dream shoe using a Digital Wall that hosts a holographic 3D configurator especially made for the purpose.

A Digital Table, on which the customer will be able to simply place the shoe of their choice, is the mean, thanks to RFID technology, to automatically start the customisation process. The result will then be displayed using the incredibly realistic Holographic Display within the Digital Wall. It is an easy-to-use tool that that gives an immediate result.

The second Business Case uses the same concepts of shoe customisation as used in the retail sector, but here the Progetto focuses entirely on how customers can configure their own shoe from a PC or mobile through an e-commerce website.

Progetto has also designed a special online shopping experience; the customer will receive notifications and video about the production status of their shoe aimed at keeping them updated during the process of its creation.