Digital Wall


The Digital Wall is an innovative point of sale installation. It provides access to a dedicated 3D configurator which allows the customisation of Giordano Torresi shoes.

The Digital Wall is made up of nine screens and includes a Digital Table where a customer can place one of the physically available shoe models from the point of sale. Using RFID technology, the customer can then start customising it.

Once all the details (shape, heel, material, colour, custom mark on the sole) are specified, the configured shoe appears on the central screen of the Digital wall as an extremely realistic image.

After configuring the item, the system will transmit the specifications necessary to make the made-to-order shoe to the Italian manufacturer.

Giordano Torresi undertakes an estimated production time of four to six weeks for creating a customised shoe and sending it to the point of sale.

A unique, forward-looking, digitally integrated shopping experience.