Progetto is the ideal partner for any footwear company needing technical support and consultancy.
In particular, Progetto is able to provide clients with advanced solutions for footwear design development – from prototype to sample.

Analysis and Development

Before starting to work on any order, the procedure that Progetto follows is that of analysing a priori the overall shoe design. In particular, we undertake a detailed analysis of the potential processes of production, identifying the strengths of the product itself, as well as anticipating any issues that may arise during the production phase.

In this way, we can resolve well in advance any potential complications that could arise during manufacturing and in so doing we avoid possible delivery delays and can guarantee consistent punctuality in order turnaround.

Progetto therefore, provides careful analysis of the production process and, if necessary, reconfiguring the supply chain according to the needs of the product that is going to be produced.

An additional service available to the client is research into the target price and into the best materials and processes for the product, selected and recommended to suit each individual customer.

Progetto once again is all about research. In this case, it’s our ability to identify margins for the potential application of specific patents geared to improve the quality of the end product.

In-depth discussion of collections

Careful analysis of the feasibility of collections means Progetto is able to fully meet the needs of different clients.

For example, understanding the mood that a collection is going to need to have is part of the fundamental initial (and on-going) discussion with the client. By correctly decoding the details that footwear needs to present, Progetto Giordano Torresi is able to provide the most appropriate technical advice.

A strategic tool that Progetto uses in this phase is 3D rendering, used again to get a precise understanding of the shoe designs, but not only this. Thanks to this type of technology, the client can, at any time of the day or night, see their own shoe presented in such a way that they can evaluate the footwear’s strengths/weaknesses and, if need be, get changes underway to any of the various components (heel, sole).

In this way, therefore, we are able to see that there is constant and continual interaction with the client, including via the latest generation technological and IT support. This absolutely fundamental phase allows the company to reach all pre-agreed objectives, which also relies on Progetto Giordano Torresi’s technical contribution and consultancy.
• Focus on (Pre)Production

On completion of the research and analysis phase and then, the in-depth discussion of the collections, the next, delicate step begins for Progetto – that of (pre) production. This is accompanied by continual, on-going support, providing reassurance to the client during the design stage and building the shoe with its various components.

A guidance and technical support, from the production of the prototype, to the sample, then during compliance testing prior to the production process – these are all guarantees that Progetto’s service and consultancy activity is truly 360°.

Thanksto a complete interface with the client, we are able to advise on the right production process to follow as well as the best type of material to use depending on the objectives that the client company is aiming to reach.

To complete the pre-production services we offer, Progetto carries out various strategic technical certification tests. An example test title might be testing material resilience, fit, heel hold, and chemical composition – all in the interests of guaranteeing a product made in accordance with the best work standards.

Thanks to over 10 years of experience in leather work, Progetto is actively supporting all those companies who have no internal division of their own dedicated to Research and Development and Quality Control of materials, leathers and fabrics. Progetto’s contribution is to refresh what Style and Marketing departments have to offer all the while following the guidelines of our client companies to whom we offer a wide range of ideas and solutions which come out of our continuing research activities.

Additional services

Progetto offers a whole series of complementary services.
In particular, we wish to draw your attention to the fact that we can provide:

  • professional photography of shoe collections for look books
  • digital rendering for press/online publication and collection presentations