The shoe is now customisable

Progetto Giordano Torresi at the concept store 10 Corso Como

From the research of Progetto by Giordano Torresi, the customizable shoe form the homonym Entrepreneur was born. An important patent filed by the same company, “Anatomically Improved Shoe”, the result of a thorough anatomical study, will return an unexpected comfort, designed to last for more than 8 consecutive hours, to the women who love to the décolleté and high heels.

The preview of the project will be hosted by the well known concept store 10 Corso Como from June the 17th 2016. A shoe, one that will be presented on the market, designed with the objective of promoting the benefits for the end consumer, not through the reputation of the brand but by the exclusivity of a customized product, the result of a genuine Industry 4.0 process.

Progetto Giordano Torresi is indeed an all Italian research and design center, who deals with the Brands and the world’s footwear industry on a daily basis. The company’s ultimate goal is to design advanced solutions for the development of the shoe design, from prototype to sample, engineering and automating the processes, through the application of digital technologies to the research and development of industrial processes.

Therefore, from next June the 17th the clients of 10 Corso Como will have the exclusive ability to independently create the shoe of their dreams through a holographic configurator created ad hoc. A Digital Table on which the client can place the shoe of choice and, thanks to RFID technology, begin the customization, displaying, at the end of the process, a realistic hologram projected on a Digital Wall. A truly immediate perception and easy to use tool.

Progetto Giordano Torresi, will offer a number of different options when customising the shoe: heel, material and color. Further customization will be promoted through the two letters customers can have under the sole.

Once the customer has satisfactorily customised her shoe, the configurator automatically sends the order to the product manufacturer without the use of any additional steps. The shoe will then be shipped at the concept store 10 Corso Como or, when necessary, will be delivered from the store to the customer’s home. Three weeks are required for the realization of the Made to Order or alternatively, the concept store 10 Corso Como will have a choiche of exclusive and avalibal for purchase models.